Scheduling a massage session should not be a one-time thing only. As much as possible, incorporate it into your lifestyle and consider it part of your self-care package. 

Here in Dynamic Massage, we care for the welfare of our clients by providing a great quality therapeutic massage that you could ask for! We listed down some tips on how you can maximise your massage experience. 

Keep on reading so the next time you visit us, you’ll know what to do. 

Don’t eat too much

Make it a habit to eat light meals or one hour before your scheduled session. This is to avoid feeling bloated during the massage that might cause uneasiness on your end. 

Pick a schedule

Each client has their preferred schedule to choose to get their daily massage session. Most of the time they do it on weekends or in the evenings to get some time off for themselves. 

Therapists suggest that the best time to schedule an appointment is on your free day where you can take a rest and relax after your session. This gives your body some time off from moving a lot. You’ll feel sore after each session so might as well let yourself cool down in the meantime. 

Don’t work out after

Some people are so strict with their workout sessions that they never pass up an opportunity to hit the gym. If you’re one of those people, it’s better if you can move up your session before you visit the massage parlour. The soreness you feel after working out will be replaced by a relaxing massage. 

Talk with your therapist

It’s just going to be the two of you inside the room so it’s better if you can get along well with your therapist. Be open and honest with them if needed, especially when it comes to your privacy. 

Some prefer to be fully clothed during the massage while others are okay with being naked. Either option is fine as long as you let your therapists know. You may also instruct them which parts you are fine being touched so both parties are aware with the consent. 

Aside from that, you may also talk about:

  • Oils or lotion scents that you prefer or are allergic to
  • Alternatives you can do to massage yourself at home if you’re unavailable to make an appointment
  • How much pressure would you like to feel on certain parts of your body
  • Any feedback you think of or concerns you want to address

Calm down

This applies to people who are first-timers in trying a massage session. There’s a tendency for them to panic or feel a little anxious inside. It sounds terrifying at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll not mind the massage anymore. Calm yourself down and breathe slowly to help your body relax. 

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